The Organisers

«Never alone, always in a team»

The cultural itineraries «Routes of the Olive Tree» have been placed under the auspices of the European Institute of Cultural Routes, operational coordinator of the Council of Europe Cultural Routes program.

As the other activities of the Foundation, AGORA is conceived and implemented by its versatile interdisciplinary and operational team, in cooperation with the local members of the « Routes of the Olive Tree» network in more than 20 countries, including Universities, NGOs, scientists and civil society representatives.

The organizers of the AGORA:

  • believe in cultural diplomacy as a method to achieve development goals, in a cooperative and sustainable way.
  • work on a volunteer basis because they believe that pleasure, culture and business should be combined and, according to the historian Fernand Braudel’s motto about Mediterranean people: «Never alone, always in a team».  

AGORA proposes connection or reconnection with the Euromediterranean civilization through a selection of authentic and traditional products. The organizers, based on their experience, follow the traditional caravans and open air markets like tracers, forerunners, ambassadors and allies to consumers and small producers, turning them into solidary co-travellers. During the AGORA, several activities will be done around the Mediterranean civilization, as conferences, concerts, exhibitions and youth activities.

For the success of the initiative “AGORA of the Routes of the Olive Tree”, the organizers cooperate with the non-profit corporation «Nomades», composed of an experienced international technical support team which has undertaken the mission to introduce the goods of the Olive Tree lands into global markets.


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