The itinerary

Exhibitions, Mediterranean cooking classes, sales of local product and handcraft items, short films… The AGORA of the Routes of the Olive Tree is a feast for the senses, giving the opportunity to every citizen to discover unexploited sides of the Mediterranean Olive tree civilization.

In 2017, the itinerary will start from Greece towards northern European cities, with the aim of familiarizing citizens with the Olive Tree in the Mediterranean, an essential part of European culture.
During the event, travellers and merchants of the tangible and intangible gifts of the Mediterranean can meet other Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe and interact with citizens, in a climate of friendship and

cooperation. It is a voyage that will benefit all participants, teaching them something new and making them richer and open to new challenges.

The “Routes of the Olive Tree” and a versatile team of collaborators and friends work on the cultural itinerary of AGORA. For example, the infrastructure of AGORA is made by a team of architects, inspired by small Mediterranean markets and squares of southern Europe. It is especially designed for open spaces, in order to encourage discovery, wandering through flavours and active participation of visitors during the events.

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